Rusutsu - Kimobetsu Crossroads Land

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Kimobetsu Crossroads Land

Located on the crossroads between, Kyogoku Town, Kimobetsu Town, Rusutsu Ski Resort Town and Makkari Village. Also a short drive to Kutchan and Niseko Ski Resort.

- 13 Minute Drive to Rusutsu Resort (10.4kms)

- 10 Minutes Drive to Makkari Town (7.9kms)

- 21 minute Drive to Niseko Town (7.5kms)

- 35 Minute Drive to Hirafu Ski Resort (32kms)

- 25 Minute Drive to Kutchan Station (21.1kms)

- 42 Minute Drive to Jozankei Onsen Town (41.5kms)

- 1 Hour 26 Minute Drive to Sapporo (73.1kms)

Mountainous Terrain with flat levels along the roadside that are developable

Magnificent Tree line entry with Mt Yotei nearby and fresh water flowing under the land

Town Water Available upon negotiation with Town Planner and the Government

Zoned Forest Land and Development Approval will be required for development over 10,000sqm

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